Friday, February 18, 2011

New Wolfgang Gartner, Madeon

Sorry for the few days without a post, I was having internet problems here at home.  But I'm back with some new tracks for you.  First off is a favorite of mine, a new track by Wolfgang Gartner.  It's entitled "Space Junk" and the Overwerk remix is fantastic.  Overwerk incorporates a variety of samples into the song, which only serves to make it better than the original.
Download link

Secondly, is a remix by a 16 year old French producer by the name of Madeon.  He took the massive track "The Island" by Pendulum and made it into an amazing poppy, synth driven track with a more upbeat feel than the original.  I certainly plan on dropping this in a set sometime soon.  Enjoy!
Download link

Friday, February 11, 2011

Nero, Nit Grit

One of my favorite groups, Nero, released a new song recently.  Now, for those of you who know them, this song isn't very similar to their other songs.  They've produced a high energy DnB track for Black Prez, a hip hop group.  The track works surprisingly well, and it's growing on me.  Let me know what you think!
Download link (from Soundcloud.  Click the down arrow on the top of the player to download)

Next is a track by another of my favorite producers, Nit Grit.  He has a distinct style of dubstep that you will love.  The original version of this song is amazing as well.
Download link

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I was reminded today of a producer/DJ who I'm quite fond of since his remix of Skrillex's "All I Ask of You".  Myndset is at the top of his game lately, and his newest mix shows it.
Myndset: Break the Silence mixtape download

Bonus: Myndset: "Rocket Man"

New Danny Byrd, Jacob Plant

I have a couple of great new songs for you guys today.  First is a relatively new artist to me, Danny Byrd.  This song is great.  He puts effects on his vocals similar to Skrillex, who some of you may be familiar with.  However, it's not the same dubstep/electro Skrillex makes.  It's a DnB track with a lot of energy I know you guys will love.
Download link

Next is a remix done by Jacob Plant.  This song is amazingly catchy at the beginning, which is what draws me to it, I think.  But it has a drop that will satisfy your craving for bass.  Enjoy!
Download link

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Zero 76

I was planning on posting the download link for this song in my last post, however due to some technical difficulties I couldn't. Now though, I think I've solved the problem and will be able to post it.
Download link

Also, here is the youtube video so you guys can preview the song!
Zero 76 on youtube

Tiesto+Hardwell out today!

As some of you may know, Tiesto and Hardwell have been working on the track "Zero 76" together for some time now.  We saw a preview on youtube for awhile, but it just left me wanting the full track.  Fortunately, they've decided to release it today.  It's everything you'd expect from two of the top producers in the game.

First post...

First, I have a song just released today by one of my favorite groups, The Glitch Mob.  They've done an awesome remix of The White Stripes, who sadly, are no longer together.  It's a great remix of a classic track.
Download link

Next is a brand new remix, done by one of my favorite producers, Bassnectar.  He remixed Ellie Goulding's song, "Lights".  Now, there are a lot of remixes done of Ellie's songs.  But Bassnectar's sticks out to me because it's melodic and groovy, but hard hitting with the bass as well.  Enjoy!
Download link


This is my new blog.  I'll be posting songs I like, whatever.  Usually in the vein of dubstep/electro house or EDM.  Hope you enjoy it!

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